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TEB delivers one of the first Google Glass banking apps

Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) is among the first banks in the world to release a Google Glass app.
Written by Prue Duggan

Turkey continues to foster an innovative spirit in banking, with Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) being among the first banks in the world to release a Google Glass app.

TEB has an impressive track record when it comes to being ahead of the curve. It was the first bank in the world to pioneer cardless cash withdrawal using QR Code technology, and now it’s the first in Turkey to release a Google Glass app.

“We belive that Google Glass will be the next big thing as soon as it comes on the market,” said Gökhan Mendi, senior assistant general manager. “Our Google Glass allows users to control the device with voice commands, motion sensors, and GPS. Our app uses all of these features. Right now, customers can track credit card campaigns and locate branches with Google Glass. We plan to add more transactional data to the app soon, including account balance and credit card balance views, and cardless money withdrawal.”

Since implementing its mobile-first digital strategy in 2012, TEB has striven to create the best user experience possible for its mobile customers. It has created several native apps for leading devices, and differentiates its offerings with fun user interfaces to appeal to different customer segments. TEB’s mobile banking application CEPTETEB was awarding the BNP Paribas Group Innovation Award in 2008.

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