Live at FinovateSpring 2012, day 2

Live at FinovateSpring 2012, day 2
Written by Jelmer de Jong

Jelmer de Jong reports on day 2 of FinovateSpring 2012.

Day 2 of FinovateSpring, letting you know who is demoing what:

Wipit is a mobile payment solution that focusses on the cash preferred. The can fill their wipit app on their phone at retail stores with money and then transfer or pay bills with it.

BehavioSec uses user behavior to secure online and mobile banking, for example measuring how quick or in which ‘flow’ you enter your pin code.

Keynote DeviceAnywhere
Keynote DeviceAnywhere shows test automation for mobile and HTML5 applications. With a simple DOM inspector and graphical test flow builder.

Flint is an easy new way to accept credit cards on the go. They announce Flint Mobile, a Square and PayPal Triangle competitor. They work without a dongle and just scan the card with the phones camera.

Cardlytics shows merchants how and where their revenue is being generated by giving them a dashboard where they see which banks offer which discounts / coupons where.

Transparency Labs
Transparency Labs gives consumer insights in the fine print of their financial products. Today they focus on the fine print of retirement products and 401k’s and giving companies and consumers insight in the real ‘what does it say’.

MoneyDesktop shows a very beautiful iPad app, fast and responsive. Really beautiful PFM application. Now introducing MDDeals, adding deals and coupons based on your transactions.

BazaarVoice is adding real time social media mentions and reviews to product pages of companies. Asking customers to leave reviews and giving insights in the most active ‘reviewing’ and Q&A participating customers.

Kuspit helps their users to invest, by giving more insight in risk and adding a community learning option. And trains users with different portfolio simulation tools.

Giftly makes it possible to send your friends gifts in the form of cards to your friends, linked to a calendar to remind you of when to send something. Also nice is the link with check-ins. See where your friends are and send them a gift card applicable to their location.

Portfolio Football
Portfolio Football wants to make PFM fun and competitive by turning it into a game. Adding football like scoring elements to a personal dashboard, mimicking fantasy football and applying this to your finances.

Wall Street Survivor
Wall Street Survivor relaunched in April 2012 as a fantasy stock market game, to educate about stock trading and portfolio management.

Virtual Piggy
Virtual Piggy shows their application that enables kids to spend money online in an environment that is controlled and monitored by their parents.

CSI globalVCard
globalVCard generates one time use MasterCard numbers for online use, to make sure the transaction is secure and not vulnerable for phishing or fraud. When generating a new card number you can set a maximum amount, expiry date and which vendor or vendor group (e.g. airlines) can use the card.

CoverHound helps consumers to find and compare insurance from different providers. Adding social integration to prefill the request and necessary info for the quotes. And recommending different insurance packages based on this social data.

Swipely provides marketing tools to merchants, for example cash back  actions and couponing based on previous consumers transactions. All linked to the consumers credit or debit card. They are showing a really beautiful and useful merchant dashboard to market based on transactional data.

On Deck Capital
On Deck Capital is showing how it wants to improve small business lending. On Deck builds it’s credit model based on 20 different source, including social date. Also: they let appliers add their account number so On Deck can evaluate the cash flow of the applicant in real time.

DeviceFidelity demoes Moneto, a prepaid mobile wallet that uses the MasterCard PayPass network. Also it adds NFC capabilities to existing iPhones by offering a NFC enabled case.

ZipZap is a global network that helps the unbanked to use cash to make online payments, fund ewallets and prepaid cards. Directing customers to a local store to pay for an online transaction.

Applause Learning
Applause is showing Coindexter,  a online platform to help teach children how to earn, spend and invest money.

inStream focuses on wealth management and facilitates advisors using a dashboard that gives insights in the advisors clients and what kind off issues might be needed to address.

Clover is showing Clover OS, a tool for business that includes a cash register, POS terminal, inventory management, billing and accounting. There demo was a PowerPoint though.

Serverside Group
SSG helps banks to offer their customer the option to design and customize their own credit and debit cards. Adding Facebook integration to use profile pictures and other uploaded photos on cards.

Pindrop Security
Pindrop helps to prevent phone-based fraud, demoing their fraud call analyzer that uses call origin, type and phone used.

FutureAvisors aims to be the replacement of your offline financial advisor. Helping you to allocate your 401(k) and use your company plan’s specific options.

SoMoLend is launching peer-2-peer crowdfunding to help small business get loans and funding.

Klarna offers the option to pay after you receive your goods, and adding a risk analysis to make sure the merchant doesnt loose on this transaction.

Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters shows their new App Store, enabling banks and brokers to integrate web and mobile applications from 3rd party developers.

Access Development
Showing PowerDeals,  offering more daily deals and rewards.

Showing InvestorBee whics gives their users simple facts when it comes to investing. Adding risk comparisons, and benchmarks.

Balance Street
Balance Street helps you settle your debt directly with your creditors. By offering you direct insight in your credit score and helping you to contact your creditors without any fraudulent middle men.

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