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Filene – helping underbanked US consumers

George Hofheimer from Filene Research Institute joins Mike Lawson to talk about the ‘underbanked’ and how they can be helped.

Filene recently announced the success of its Underbanked Services Incubator, which it launched early last year to come up with some innovative products that can help underbanked consumers in the US, and have credit unions deliver those products.

After 18 months, 42 credit union participants, and five products, Filene has two really viable products to unleash across the nation for consumers, whether they bank at a credit union or a bank.

We invited Filene’s chief knowledge officer George Hofheimer onto the show to divulge those two products, along with the impressive results garnered from them. George also announces the incubator’s round two of products to test and launch nationwide. As usual, great stuff from the folks at Filene.

– This video podcast is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes may have been made to the text to reflect BankNXT style considerations, but the show itself is always unchanged. You can find the original post here.

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Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson is host of an online video interview show focusing on innovators and success stories within the credit union industry. His background is in teaching, marketing and communications, and includes roles as editor and reporter.

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