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How video technology can help insurers offer better customer service

How video technology can help insurers offer better customer service. Image: Freepik
Written by Thomas McCourtie

Thomas McCourtie looks at an initiative by Allianz that uses video technology to improve customer service.

Insurers should look beyond the use of technology at the point of sale, and focus on improving customer service and encouraging better brand engagement.

The insurance industry has been slow to pick up on the potential of technology and the incorporation of new tech-based developments into products and services. Currently, insurers are overly focused on their sales channels and are missing out on the opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

Allianz’s latest initiative is a good example of how new tech can enhance the service provided to insurance customers outside of the sales process. It has become the first UK insurer to launch a sign language video relay service for those with hearing impairments, using British Sign Language (BSL). The SignVideo service enables deaf BSL customers to place video calls to Allianz via a free link on its website or through the free SignVideo mobile app. The video call instantly connects to a BSL interpreter, who then contacts the Allianz support center to relay the conversation in real-time.

The service is ultimately designed to ensure the provider is accessible to all people regardless of any disability that may hinder their ability to make full use of the insurer’s services.

Allianz is one of several industry providers, including LV= and London-based tech group Tractable, to explore the use of video and imaging to improve engagement with policyholders – an increasingly hot topic in insurance.

– This article is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes have been made to reflect BankNXT style considerations. You can read the original article here.

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Thomas McCourtie

Thomas McCourtie is an analyst within the general insurance team at GlobalData Financial. He has a fintech background, and focuses on the commercial insurance sector and the growing influence of automated product distribution platforms.

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