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Apple Pay in 2015

Apple Pay in 2015. Image: Pexels
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This BankNXT roundup post is about Apple Pay and its influence on the payments industry in 2015.

We’re closing another year and looking ahead to what will undoubtedly be a busy and innovative year for those in the banking and financial technology industries. In a series of roundup articles about fintech in 2015, we reflect on key topics and conversation points that passed through the BankNXT filters since January.

We’re focusing on Apple Pay for this particular post, and how it has influenced the mobile payments industry. BankNXT has published a generous selection of articles about mobile payments, and we’re looking forward to seeing how the payments industry grows over the next 12 months, and what role Apple Pay will play in its direction. Here’s a sprinkling of the most popular articles that we think stood out for their quality content and strong opinions.

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