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The 5 most popular banking security stories of 2015

The 5 most popular banking security stories of 2015
Written by BankNXT

This BankNXT 2015 roundup post is about banking security, including cybersecurity, biometrics, and blockchain.

We’re closing another year and looking ahead to what will undoubtedly be a busy and innovative year for those in the banking and financial technology industries. In a series of roundup articles about fintech in 2015, we reflect on key topics and conversation points that passed through the BankNXT filters since January.

In this roundup article to close 2015, we’re looking at banking security stories, with the five most popular published to BankNXT over the last 12 months. Banking security, and security in general, has hit the headlines on more than one occasion this year, so it’s no surprise that it’s been a hot topic.

Cybersecurity – are banks doing enough?

Is the social passport the killer app that will decentralize banking?

UK is ‘all in’ for fintech

Biometrics – does your bank know you are you?

Blockchain-based digital ID will disrupt commerce and government


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