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How to gain and retain top talent for your credit union in 2016

John Andrews and Brian Kidwell from D Hilton Associates talk to Mike Lawson about how credit unions are preparing and proactively taking measures to attract and keep top talent.

Since our slow recovery from the ‘great recession’, there has been an unofficial green light for many well established credit union CEOs to retire and let the next wave of leaders take the baton. Kudos to them, however, for helping our industry weather an economic storm that probably hasn’t been seen since the Great Depression. This is the type of leadership that makes our industry great, and the hopes are that it will rub off on many fresh faces taking charge for the next few decades.

That said, our industry is experiencing quite an executive exodus right now, which means it’s a prime time for new talent and credit unions alike to jump on this opportunity and continue to leverage credit unions’ unprecedented popularity. To get an inside look at what’s occurring within the industry at the executive level, and how credit unions and would-be leaders can step up, we invited D Hilton Associates’ John Andrews and Brian Kidwell onto the show.

John and Brian have worked with credit unions for many, many years and know them extremely well. We touched on how significant the CEO exodus is, how deep the talent pool, how credit unions are preparing and proactively taking measures to attract top talent, how they keep top talent, and advice for CUs and executive candidates looking to lead. Enjoy, and please let us know what you’re doing in these changing times.

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