Shaun Weston chats to Silvan Schumacher about Swanest, and how the do-it-yourself investing platform came into being.

I spent some time on a Skype call to Belgium last week, recording this podcast for BankNXT. The subject was a beta fintech startup called Swanest, which plans to ’empower do-it-yourself investors’. It’s another in a pleasingly long line of fintech companies looking to change financial services, and CEO Silvan Schumacher was open to any line of enquiry I was able to throw at him (including why he used to dress as a clown).

He goes on to explain how the complex topic of investing is broken down into a more manageable and understandable platform through a combination of beautiful design and simplicity. Silvan also talks about the fintech scene in Belgium, being customer-centric, the influence of the global financial crisis, and the challenges the team faced in getting Swanest up and running.

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