In the latest BankNXT Fintech Podcast, Shaun Weston interviews Aire founder Aneesh Varma about credit scoring, mobile technology, customer-centricity and machine learning.

For the latest BankNXT Fintech Podcast, I talk to Aneesh Varma, one of the founders of credit scoring startup Aire, a company that describes itself as ‘an enduring and sustainable credit model’. Aneesh is included as one of TechCity Insider’s class of 2015, a list of influential tech business leaders, and was recognised as one of 12 Entrepreneur of the Year nominees by the European Commission in 2014, and by the British Council as a Young Entrepreneur 2009. He was most recently inducted as an SLP London Fellow for 2013 for his contributions to the London startup scene.

Unfortunately, we were at the mercy of a poor Skype connection. Nevertheless, Aneesh shares his thoughts about how difficult it can be to move from country to country and maintain a good credit score. A few years ago, he moved from New York to London and came up against the frustrations of the credit score system.

“I had a pretty decent job,” he says. “I came over legally, obviously, but I struggled when I got into the UK to get a basic bank account set up, a credit card, phone contracts; anytime when they needed a credit assessment on me, or a credit check, the system just didn’t know who I was. I was too new for the system, which was a little frustrating, as back in New York I had a perfect credit score and credit history.

“I didn’t make more of it that time, I just fought my way through it and got myself many of the things I needed, but it kept bugging me – several years later, as well – I kept noticing that other people were suffering from the same problem. As I dug into it, I realised that my story of an expat moving over is only a very small part of that.”

Aneesh goes on to explain how Aire was set up to help people through the credit score system, describing how it works and how there is so much potential for more customer-centric mobile technology.

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