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Privacy vs the surveillance economy

John Best and Drummond Reed discuss the surveillance economy, and the state of digital privacy.

Do you ever wonder why Facebook is free? Or, how Google makes it money? It’s pretty easy if you think about it. If there isn’t a product to buy, then the product is you.

On today’s Big Podcast, I’m joined by Drummond Reed, CEO of the Respect Network and an identity and privacy expert. We’ll discuss the state of digital privacy and what the future may look like in a world where you own your data, how identity is the key to security, plus identities’ relationship with authentication, authorisation, trust and distributed data.

We will also cover:

  • The current state of identity, a brief overview of the history of digital identity, the IdM and IAM industries, and the inception of ‘sovereign identity’.
  • Surveillance technology, the surveillance economy, information correlation, and internet privacy.
  • The value proposition of privacy.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in the European Union that takes effect in 2018 as a protection for citizens in relation to the new surveillance economy.
  • The right to be forgotten and its relationship to personal internet privacy.
  • The economic value of social data, including the dollar value of an individual’s personal data.
  • A different economy and a different social contract model based on an opt-in monetisation model (vendor relationship management).

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– This podcast is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes may have been made to the text to reflect BankNXT style considerations, but the podcast itself is always unchanged. Read more here. Image: TBIT CC0 Public Domain

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John Best

John Best, CEO of Best Innovation group, is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. He is the founder of the BIG Podcast.

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