Chris Skinner provides some interesting resources around the topic of the future of banking, including a video of his presentation.

I’ve been presenting a summary of Digital Bank and ValueWeb for a few months now. It’s the story of the origins of moneykind, and, as many have now heard the story, I thought it’s about time to share this on the blog.

If you have half an hour free, you can watch the presentation. It’s been filmed a few times, with the most recent and decent version from Startup Turkey (excuse the shoes):

The slide deck for the presentation is here:

The script is based on these five blog entries:

 The origins of moneykind (part one, shared beliefs)

As you all know now, this week sees the release of my new book ValueWeb. Yes, you can buy it from today on Amazon or any of the other services you use. It’s released in the UK from 15 March, and in the US from 7 April …

The origins of moneykind (part two, invention of money)

I’ve blogged about money being invented for sex many times before, but hey, it’s a good story, so I’m going to again. So man became civilised and dominant by being able to work in groups of hundreds …

The origins of moneykind (part three, banking)

The Third Age: The Industrial Revolution – The use of money as a means of value exchange, alongside barter, lasted for hundreds of years or, to be more exact, about 4,700 years. During this time, beads, tokens, silver, gold and other commodities were used as money …

The origins of moneykind (part four, the ValueWeb)

The Fourth Age of Man: the Network Age – Part of the reason for talking about the history of money in depth this week is as a backdrop to what’s happening today. Money originated as a control mechanism for governments of Ancient Sumer to control …

The next age of moneykind: the future

Having covered four ages of moneykind: Barter Coins Paper Chips What could possibly be the fifth? When we are just at the start of the Internet of Things (IoT), and are building an Internet of Value (ValueWeb), how can we imagine something beyond this next …


– This article is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes have been made to reflect BankNXT style considerations. Read more here. Photo: Sunny studio,

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Chris Skinner is an independent commentator on the financial markets through the Finanser, and chair of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club, which he founded in 2004. He is an author of numerous books covering everything from European regulations in banking through to the credit crisis, to the future of banking.

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