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Mitek’s Mobile Verify and omni-channel needs

Mike Lawson talks to Sarah Clark from Mitek about how its Mobile Verify instant ID documentation verification technology has gone omni-channel.

Mitek’s Sarah Clark (general manager, identity) returns to share her company’s latest enhancement to its Mobile Verify instant ID documentation verification technology. This technology thwarts any fraudsters’ attempts to use fake IDs to get into your account via a mobile device.

Mitek didn’t stop there. According to Sarah, they have enhanced the product to now include any device: mobile, tablet, desktop, and so on, answering the omni-channel need for members using multiple devices these days, and that’s just about all of us. So the need is huge.

Mobile Verify’s enhancement, which was demonstrated at Finovate recently, verifies the authenticity of ID documents in a desktop application process by simply embedding a widget in a desktop application. After starting the process on a desktop computer, the applicant is texted a link to activate the camera to capture a photo of their driving license or identity document, which is verified in near real-time.

In addition to identity verification for applications, brands are also using a desktop widget to prevent account takeover, and verify identities for myriad transactions.

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