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Meb Faber on designing investment strategies and launching ETFs

Meb Faber on designing investment strategies and launching ETFs. Main image: everything possible,
Written by Zack Miller

Zack Miller talks to Meb Faber about his online investment service called Cambria Digital Advisory.

I’m joined this week by Meb Faber. He’s a self-described investing researcher, author, financial entrepreneur, and now podcaster. Meb has found a way to navigate his own path through investment management by building his own media platform. He’s written a handful of research papers that are some of the most downloaded papers in history, and a handful of bestselling investment books.

Meb FaberFrom there, Meb has developed investment strategies with the feedback from the crowd. He’s converted the feedback loop from his writing into eight creative, quant exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (he has eight others in registration). And now he’s just launched an online investment service called Cambria Digital Advisory that gives you about a dozen ETFs, from his firm and others, with bare-bottom costs.

Meb is our guest this week on the Tradestreaming Podcast. I hope you’ll continue to listen to this episode as we explore how Meb is building out his investment firm through collaborative product development, and how he promotes his work via his own in-house content. If anything, Meb is fully invested in himself, his products and platform.

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Zack Miller

Zack Miller is founder of Tearsheet (formerly Tradestreaming), a vertical media company focused on the digital finance and fintech industries. Zack has worked with and consulted to many top venture-backed fintech companies, including Lending Club, Behalf, SigFig, OurCrowd and Seeking Alpha.

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