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Fintech – mission diversity

Fintech – mission diversity. Main photo:,
Written by Brett King

Sam Maule co-hosts Breaking Banks with Brett King, and the topic is diversity in fintech and the importance of increasing diversity in technology.

Several studies show that diverse work teams produce better products and make better teams. Yet, tech is still overwhelmingly dominated by men, and so is finance. So, you can just imagine the diversity issues in the crossroads of fintech.

Today, Sam Maule co-hosts, and we talk to Amy Nauiokas of Anthemis, Julie Chakraverty of Aberdeen Asset Management, Rhian Horgan of Kindred, and Tania Das Wright of Artivest, plus Ghela Boskovich from Femtech Leaders, about how important it is to increase diversity in tech as tech redesigns every element of our world.

Also Ian Kar joins us for his last show as a show correspondent! He has recently taken a job at Acorns, and is ending his time as a journalist.

– This podcast is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes may have been made to the text to reflect BankNXT style considerations, but the podcast itself is always unchanged. Listen to more here. Main photo:,

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Brett King is a four times bestselling author, a renowned futurist and keynote speaker, the host of the Breaking Banks radio show/podcast and the founder/CEO of Moven. His latest book 'Breaking Banks' debuted in the top 3 on Amazon's Bestseller's list in the US, France, Canada, Germany and Australia. 'Bank 3.0', his previous book, was released in 8 languages and ranked as a finance bestseller in 19 countries.

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