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Jim Marous on new ways to apply innovation and fintech

Jim Marous talks to LinkedIn and Capgemini about new ways to apply innovation, and considers the trends ahead for banking and fintech.

Fintech expert Jim Marous has appeared in a special LinkedIn video, in association with Capgemini, talking about fintech. He was asked, What are the benefits of a fintech and incumbent partnership?, as well as Why do you think there’s an issue with personalisation of experience in banking?.

He talks about the challenges impacting innovation, and covers trends that affect “positive moments of truth” for consumers. Finally, he is asked what he believes will be the major changes in the marketplace a year from now.

“I think the biggest change may be that we won’t talk about banking and fintech,” he says. “We’re going to talk about innovation in banking and they’re not going to be separate units. It’s actually going to be taking the things that we now refer to as fintech and say, OK, is that a company, or is it an overall perspective, and is it just another word for innovation?

“I think that if we do our homework right, and we move at the right speed – which, in many cases, we found this year, moving from a competitive situation to a partnership situation – I think we’re going to see more and more organisations of all sizes across the globe actually applying the lessons of fintech within their own solutions.”

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