This BankNXT roundup post is about fintech innovation in 2016, its influence on the future of fintech, and the stories that unravel its potential.

It’s the end of another busy year in financial technology, and time to reflect on some of the more memorable articles in the BankNXT archive. In this new series of roundup articles about fintech in 2016, we’ll look at all the key topics and conversation points that kept us glued to our mobile devices and computer screens since January.

Last year, one of the key phrases bandied about was ‘big data’, which has since become just data. It was an important topic this year too, but so far as buzzwords go, ‘innovation’ was right up there. And that’s what this list of popular stories celebrates: innovation. Here’s a handful of the most popular articles that we think stood out for their quality content and strong opinions.

The top 10 trends in banking innovation

After the fintech bubble – the winners and losers

Fintech adoption vs fintech culture – challenges for banking innovation

Elon Musk: the real Tony Stark of the 21st century?

How to foster innovation

Banks’ innovation initiatives should start with a clear ‘Why?’

The four people who ruin innovation

Whatever next-generation banking is, it won’t be banking

Innovation is an act of leadership

An old way of creating new fintech

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