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10 fintech predictions (or headlines) for 2017

10 fintech predictions (or headlines) for 2017. Main image: Pretty Vectors,
Written by Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner makes some fintech predictions for 2017, and lists the headlines that may reveal themselves this year.

There are lots of predictions being made for 2017. After all, it’s that time of year. So, having reviewed whether mine were right or wrong at the end of 2016, my first blog for 2017 is to make 10 predictions for 2017.

Rather than making this a long and detailed blog update, it’s just 10 headlines we can expect to see this year. Here you go:

  • The fintech buzz continues, but not in the US (look east).
  • Ant Financial gets global applause (these guys aren’t staying in China).
  • A fintech unicorn stumbles (this market is still nascent).
  • Regtech moves deeper into bank infrastructure (and demands real-time access).
  • Regulators compete to innovate more (2016 bubbled, 2017 steams).
  • A major global bank gets broken into pieces (systemically important with systemic issues).
  • Swift gets hacked again (how many times can this happen?).
  • A blockchain proof of concept goes mainstream (how long can we test the technology?).
  • Banks get chatty (chatbots are all the rage).
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are all the rage (related to above, but data wars begin).

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– This article is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes have been made to reflect BankNXT style considerations. Read more here. Main image: Pretty Vectors,

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Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner is an independent commentator on the financial markets through the Finanser, and chair of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club, which he founded in 2004. He is an author of numerous books covering everything from European regulations in banking through to the credit crisis, to the future of banking.

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