Robb Gaynor from Malauzai Software shares his observations about the evolution of self-service financial services and mobile banking usage trends.

We’ve been on kind of a kick here recently with the podcast, exploring today’s trends in mobile finance and what’s driving mobile banking and retail payments. Today’s guest is Robb Gaynor, the chief product officer at Malauzai Software, a digital solutions provider for community banks and credit unions. The company counts 450 of the 8,000 or so financial institutions in this space as customers.

Robb is a self-described “mobile banker” with almost 30 years’ experience in the space, beginning with a stint at Schwab in pre-internet banking days.

Our discussion covers Robb’s experiences and observations about the evolution of self-service financial services, mobile banking usage trends, and even talk about what to expect from chatbots and conversational banking down the line.

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