Brett King and Chris Skinner discuss bitcoin with Brock Pierce and Spencer Bogart, and Steve Cocheo talks fintech charter.

Bitcoin is soaring. After 18 months of steady growth, its value is $1,275, and only looks to be growing. As today’s guest Brock Pierce puts it, it is “Gold 2.0”.

Yet, in a few days, the SEC will decide whether to approve the Winklevoss twins’ filing of a bitcoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Whether it’s approved, and others like it can follow, could slow the growth or send it catapulting.

Today, Brock Pierce and Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital join us to discuss all the elements of the ETF and their new Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which could democratise venture capital in surprising ways.

Also, we have Steve Cocheo from Banking Exchange on to talk about the proposed national fintech charter, what that could mean for banking, and why there’s opposition from state governments in the US.

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