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Bitcoin blockchain breakdown with Matthew Mezinskis

Bitcoin blockchain breakdown with Matthew Mezinskis. Photo by Andrei Kuzmik,
Written by Mike Townsend

Mike Townsend and Matthew Mezinskis discuss the decisions facing bitcoin that will make or break the currency.

In this new episode of Around The Coin, I interview Matthew Mezinskis, dialling in from Latvia, where he’s lived for the last 10 years working in banking, finance and payments.

Matthew is the founder of Crypto Voices, an audio blog that focuses on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital ledger technology and broader fintech, including all the benefits and challenges that come with these breakthrough technologies.

We have a passionate conversation about the decisions facing bitcoin that will make or break the currency. Specifically, the 1MB block limit that says miners can mine blocks up to the 1MB fixed limit, but any block larger than 1MB is invalid. Whatever happens, this will have huge implications on bitcoin.

The second major topic we touch on is the idea of monopolies and how they affect the surrounding economy. We discuss government-controlled monopolies and whether or not there’s any role for a monopoly in cryptocurrency. Matthew has an inspirational story and a unique perspective living in Latvia. Enjoy!

You can listen to more episodes of Around the Coin, and other fintech shows, on the BankNXT podcast page. Enjoy!

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Mike Townsend

Mike Townsend started his career working as a design engineer at Brookstone in Singapore, then as a mechanical engineer at ITT Corporation in Los Angeles, designing radar systems for military grade UAVs. He is the founder of ZingCheckout and Flowtab, and remains very active in the payment industry.

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