Shaun Weston talks to Duena Blomstrom about emotional banking, cognitive dissonance and Temenos MarketPlace.

For the new BankNXT Fintech Podcast, I talk to Duena Blomstrom about the concept of emotional banking, cognitive dissonance and Duena’s new role as head of growth at Temenos MarketPlace.

Duena recently wrote an article called ‘The banker and the sour grapes‘, which focuses on the idea of bankers holding contradictory ideas and beliefs, which can prevent them from fully realising their customers’ needs.

“What I’ve observed over the last few years is a serious amount of struggle within banks,” says Duena. “Bankers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and increasingly thirsty for innovation, yet increasingly impotent when actually realising any of it. They know more, but can do less than before, which is very unpleasant – not something anyone wants to live through. To kind of get through life with that inability to move along when you know where you should be going, then yes, I believe there is a little bit of cognitive dissonance involved.”

I also talk to Duena about her new role as head of growth at Temenos MarketPlace: “We’re going to be giving banks all the right technology now that they understand how to put the consumer in the middle of it,” she says. “MarketPlace is a really exciting initiative.”

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