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John Best and Glen Sarvady cover the Faster Payments Conference and mention three key themes of this year’s event.

Glen Sarvady and I discuss key takeaways from NACHA’s recent Faster Payments Conference, including on-site interviews with FIS, Phoenix Marketing, and the dean of Vanderbilt’s Graduate School of Management. Plus, a guided tour of the dark web!

“It was a really good conference,” says Glen. “I think it was indicative of all the interesting stuff going on in the space. My basic takeaways from it are boiled down to three primary topics that dominated proceedings, one of which is P2P. I managed to gather several interviews around that.”

I attended the Temenos Community Forum in Portugal last week, so in this episode of the podcast, I share an update of the cool things I saw, the meetings I attended, and some interesting people I met.

We also cover the announcement of the Sovrin Foundation’s acceptance into the Hyperledger incubator, and Glen returns from the NACHA Faster Payments conference to talk about the three key themes of this year’s event, as well as speaker interviews that highlight the themes.

This episode’s interviews include Doug Gross (FIS Global), John Meyer (Bankers Toolbox), Eric Johnson (Vanderbilt University) and Leon Majors (Phoenix Marketing International).

You can listen to more episodes of BIGcast, and other fintech shows, on the BankNXT podcast page. Enjoy!

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