This page is about BankNXT, a site run by Shaun Weston on behalf of Backbase.

About BankNXT

BankNXT is a place for innovative financial professionals to find knowledge and thought leadership, and the community they need to successfully compete in an ‘engagement banking’ era.

Established in 2012 and relaunched in 2015, BankNXT has developed a reputation for strong opinions, influential editorial and expert business insight in the world of financial technology and financial services. Its remit is to provide thought leadership to people working in or around fintech.

The site is updated regularly with expert insight from some of the world’s leading fintech influencers, and it logged more than 525,000 page views in its first year since relaunch. It also has strong social reach, with a 4,700+ subscriber list for its weekly newsletter, and active Twitter and Facebook feeds.

It broadcasts its own BankNXT Fintech Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Acast and SoundCloud, and was nominated in the Online Media Awards in 2016 in three categories.

We have published exclusive content or reproduced blogs from the likes of Brett King, JP Nicols, Chris Skinner, Jessica Ellerm, Oliver Bussmann, Devie Mohan, Duena Blomstrom and Dave Birch. We also publish 12 podcast series: Accelerator RadioAround the Coin, Big Podcast, Breaking Banks, Consult HyperionCUbroadcast, Fintech5, Fintech Insider, RebankTradestreamingWharton FinTech and our very own BankNXT Fintech Podcast.

Become a part of BankNXT and join our list of expert commentators in the financial services sector, extend your digital reach, and enhance your profile and industry voice.

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Shaun Weston

About Backbase, our parent company

Backbase is a software company that creates products such as the omni-channel digital banking platform, a comprehensive and powerful omni-channel banking platform to streamline and manage digital customer interactions across all channels. Its mission is to help organisations transition smoothly into truly customer-centric businesses by adopting an outside-in approach, pleasing customers while delivering measurable business results. The company believes that customer experience management is essential for gaining a competitive edge in the financial sector, helping organisations stand out from the crowd, while growing their business in the process.

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