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15 Apr 2015 14:27

Jamie Dimon on JPMorgan Chase’s Q1 results

The JPMorgan Chase first-quarter earnings call with analysts on 14 April was more subdued than the typical tone expressed by the otherwise outspoken CEO Jamie Dimon, one of the few banking leaders who’s been quick to criticize regulators. Read more … [Source: PYMNTS]

15 Apr 2015 11:08

Oracle to dethrone SaaS leader Salesforce by year’s end

Oracle’s cloud services may account for just 5% of its revenue, but the company plans to be the world’s largest cloud service provider by the end of the year. In an interview with India’s Business Today, Oracle senior VP Shawn Price tells reporters that the company will aim to surpass current cloud computing. Read more … [Source: PYMNTS]

15 Apr 2015 10:38

What banks need to know from Verizon’s breach report

Hackers are attacking companies with multiple motives and multiple attack vectors, the annual security report finds. Phishing remains effective and cyber-threat sharing efforts need to speed up. Read more … [Source: BTN]

14 Apr 2015 12:24

Alternative lending still on the decline for SMEs

Following a long winter, small business lending continues to thaw. March figures show approval rates are improving, reaching new heights, according to the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index. Read more … [Source: PYMNTS]

14 Apr 2015 08:09

Small banks get surprising head start on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has many functions, and one of them may be leveling the playing field between big and small banks. Read more … [Source: BTN]

13 Apr 2015 14:59

TEB expands mobile banking to include live chats

Türk Ekonomi Bankası, one of the private sector commercial banks in Turkey, and a strategic partner of BNP Paribas, has launched an enhanced digital banking service featuring the ability to hold live chat sessions with bank staff. Read more … [Source: Bankingtech]

13 Apr 2015 13:19

General Electric to offload banking business assets

General Electric has announced plans to offload most of its banking business assets in a bid to refocus on its core business of heavy industry and infrastructure. Read more … [Source: BBR]

13 Apr 2015 13:17

The year of payments 2015 (one quarter in)

The first three months of 2015 have been anything but gentle and calm, yet the moves we’ve seen have been made by some sharp innovators. Read more … [Source: PYMNTS]

13 Apr 2015 09:49

Citi to build global ecosystem for fintech

Jorge Ruiz, managing director, Digital Acceleration Global Program Head, Citi, talks about the ongoing Citi Mobile Challenge. Read more … [Source: Finextra]

10 Apr 2015 15:12

AmEx experiments with facial recognition tech

American Express Co is taking a closer look at facial recognition and wearable technology with an eye towards developing new capabilities for some of its mobile apps. Read more … [Source: PYMNTS]

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Written by  16 Apr 2015 12:08

Banks without a digital core will fail

A digital bank with a digital core would immediately create the interrelationship profiles of the digital footprints of all individuals who touch the bank. Chris Skinner explains more.

Written by  15 Apr 2015 09:33

Data personalization strikes to the heart of bank disruption

Chris Skinner discusses data personalization, and how banks have to work within a set of more individualized systems and structures to survive and succeed.

Written by  22 Nov 2012 07:51

Virtual currencies will explode thanks to mobile games

The European Central Bank (ECB) has just issued a report on Virtual Currency Schemes, with case studies on Second Life and Bitcoin (both previously covered in depth here). In the report, the ECB calls Bitcoin “the most successful — and probably most controversial — virtual currency scheme to date.” The ECB goes on to say that the concept of Bitcoin  Continue Reading »

Written by  25 Oct 2012 05:20

Osaka, here we come! Sibos 2012

Chris Skinner presents a brief overview of SIBOS 2012 host Osaka.

Written by  11 Jul 2012 09:18

Square – the Apple of finance

In case you didn’t see it, Wired magazine ran an article about Jack Dorsey and Square this month.  Throughout the article, they compare Jack Dorsey to Steve Jobs and Square with Apple. In a long opening – the first page is just about pouring tea! – they finally get to the crunch so here’s my shorter, edited version: Square may  Continue Reading »

Written by  22 Jun 2012 05:39

Innovating on a sinking ship: the Innotribe Belfast write-up

I’ve already given some reflections on last week’s Innotribe Belfast meeting in my write ups of Metro Bank and Fidor Bank. Now, for a more general write-up, I’ve taken the inputs of Kosta Peric, the SWIFT innovation group leader who runs innotribe; the innotribe start-up details; and the input of participating company Allevo; to put together my own summary of the whole  Continue Reading »