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26 Mar 2015 10:11

HSBC to relocate retail and commercial operations to Birmingham

HSBC is set to move the company’s UK personal and business bank headquarters to Birmingham for its planned ring-fenced UK retail and commercial banking business. Read more … [Source: BBR]

26 Mar 2015 10:09

‘Cloud containers’ may be a digital package banks can accept

The so-called cloud container, a tool that makes it easier to develop apps for different operating systems, has emerged as a disruptive technology in data center and cloud computing. Even banks, ever cautious about safety in the cloud, may embrace the technology. Read more … [Source: BTN]

25 Mar 2015 11:42

Did Google’s search for tighter bonds with banks lead it to Porat?

By poaching Ruth Porat from Morgan Stanley, it’s clear Google wants to forge closer relationships with banks. That’s because banks hold the key to helping Google expand its Google Wallet mobile payments product. Read more … [Source: BTN]

24 Mar 2015 15:21

Square extends Cash to businesses

Square is hoping to wean America’s merchants off cheques by extending its Cash person-to-person payments service to businesses. Launched in 2013, Square Cash lets Americans send money to friends and family for free through a linked debit card using only an email address or phone number. The service is now being extended to businesses and non-profits,  Continue Reading » [Source: Finextra]

24 Mar 2015 03:47

British invasion, fintech edition

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, visited New York last month, not to promote British tourism or compare notes with his counterpart Bill de Blasio, but to showcase financial technology firms. Read more … [Source: BTN]

23 Mar 2015 10:06

US House delves into payments technologies

Democrats and Republicans from the US House of Representatives have come together in a bipartisan effort to form the Congressional Payments Technology Caucus (CPTC), a group aimed at exploring innovative payments technologies. [Source: PYMNTS]

23 Mar 2015 08:29

Razorpay brings Stripe-style payments to India

A new startup called Razorpay is hoping to surf a tidal wave of e-commerce projects rocketing through India by making it easier for startups and major players to add payments to their services package. [Source: PYMNTS]

23 Mar 2015 07:17

Apple Pay coming to China in April?

According to reports on kapron Asia, it seems as though Apple and China Union Pay have struck a deal that had only existed in rumors until now, meaning that the Chinese version of Apple Pay could be set to roll in April 2015. [Source: PYMNTS]

23 Mar 2015 03:56

Poll results: When will the US upgrade to real-time payments?

The results of a recent American Banker poll are in. When will the US have real-time, ubiquitous, secure payments? [Source: BTN]

23 Mar 2015 03:54

From cows to mobile – the ideas that changed payments

While the Code of Hammurabi is best known for the ‘eye for an eye’ proclamation, it also deserves credit for being the first recorded instance in history where money was formally recognized as a tool of civil society. [Source: PYMNTS]

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Written by  12 Mar 2013 09:47

Banks need to start seeing themselves as consumer experience agents

This blog’s author starts to be confused on how many occasions already did he tried to make a point on banks managing the consumption experience, rather than money of consumers – the role they have been specializing over the last several hundred years. Emerging from the dawn of Mediterranean commerce, retail banks of our time  Continue Reading »

Written by  19 Dec 2012 10:47

Sberbank buys Yandex Money as part of its ecommerce/payments and big data push

So it happened: Sberbank has today formally announced it is entering a strategic partnership with Yandex Money, meaning it is acquiring a majority share of a leading epayments / emoney company, sprung to life by Yandex, world’s leading cyrillic search engine. Now, one “big data” search company hands over a payment service to another company  Continue Reading »

Written by  25 Nov 2012 04:56

Sberbank announces plans to move to chip-only cards

Sberbank, Russia’s (and CEE region) biggest bank, with over 72 million active cards  as of first half of 2012, announced earlier this month, that it is considering to move all issuance to chip cards and discard magstripe-only cards. The reason for this is a surge of skimming – that tripled from last year for Sberbank  Continue Reading »

Written by  15 Jun 2012 03:06

Social media cases for Russian banks: hits and misses

Social media for banks is the latest darling. Interviewers question and try to crunch down the number of banks’ social media teams and comments going their way, to inquest on banks’ latest ‘social initiatives’, and banks all are trying to invite as many ‘likes’ on their Facebook and other social networks pages, some even creating and paying  Continue Reading »

Written by  28 May 2012 10:38

Some banks play it different by launching Angry Birds on the backs of cards

Competition in retail banking has probably never been so intense. Commoditizing commissions, new non banks players disrupting income value chains – channels proliferation makes it all harder to convey a consistent image to a customer’s mind. Yet what about his heart? Banks are more responsible for breaking peoples hearts, than that of warming them –  Continue Reading »

Written by  27 Apr 2012 09:12

Punkmoney: a currency system for a ubiquitous web society

I’ve first met Punkmoney concept and its principal founder, Eli Gothill, at the Digital Money Forum 2012, and I can’t help falling in love with the concept: the system allows a user to issue money in a form of favors that he gives to other people who are all users of Twitter – so that  Continue Reading »