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16 Oct 2014 09:49

Banks Need to Move at the Speed of Innovation

Banktech reports: Banks Need to Move at the Speed of Innovation How banks can build an innovation strategy to keep up with the pace of changing customer expectations. Source: Banks Need to Move at the Speed of Innovation. [Source: Banktech]

16 Oct 2014 09:47

W3C standards body looks to improve web payments

Finextra reports: W3C standards body looks to improve web payments The World Wide Web standards organisation, W3C, is bringing together banks, retailers and tech firms in an effort to develop standards for payments … Source: W3C standards body looks to improve web payments. [Source: Finextra]

15 Oct 2014 10:03

Digital investments top priority for retail banks – BAI

Finextra reports: Digital investments top priority for retail banks – BAI Online and mobile platforms are the leading focus of technology investments for retail banks as they move to increase the functionality of their … Source: Digital investments top priority for retail banks – BAI. [Source: Finextra]

15 Oct 2014 10:03

Finance made social

Bankingtech reports: Finance made social The social contract between the banking system and society is fundamentally broken. We deserve a financial system that we can all be proud of, one that is fairer and more sustainable than the current iteration. Source: Finance made social. [Source: Bankingtech]

14 Oct 2014 09:33

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Mining Facebook Data

PYMNTS reports: You’ll Never Guess Who’s Mining Facebook Data MasterCard has agreed to a 2-year-contract to mine user data from Facebook Asia-Pacific, packaging it and then reselling it to banks. “MasterCard aims to feed the data along with information from other sources into an analytics platform dubbed the Priceless Engine, and work with Australian banks, starting  Continue Reading » [Source: PYMNTS]

13 Oct 2014 09:37

Reducing Distance between Bank and Customer

BAI reports: Reducing Distance between Bank and Customer BAI Retail Delivery 2014 speaker Sallie Krawcheck says reducing complexity is one key to restoring consumer trust in banking. Source: BAI Strategy [Source: BAI]

13 Oct 2014 09:35

CaixaBank launches Gemalto-powered NFC mobile payment wristband

Bankingtech reports: CaixaBank launches Gemalto-powered NFC mobile payment wristband CaixaBank, one of Spain’s largest banks, has moved into the wearable payment technology space with the launch of an NFC-enabled wristband capable of making contactless payments. Security vendor Gemalto has supplied its Optelio Contactless MiniTag, which links the wristband to the user’s existing payment card. Source:  Continue Reading » [Source: Bankingtech]

13 Oct 2014 09:35

The corporate-to-bank challenge

Finextra reports: The corporate-to-bank challenge Ali Moiyed, CEO and founder, AccessPay, explains what corporates are demanding from their banks and how advances in technology, especially cloud, … Source: The corporate-to-bank challenge. [Source: Finextra]

07 Oct 2014 09:17

Deutsche Bank: innovation in transaction banking

Bankingtech reports: Deutsche Bank: innovation in transaction banking Christian Westerhaus, co-head of client products and solutions at Deutsche Bank, discusses innovation in transaction banking solutions and the drivers behind them. Source: Deutsche Bank: innovation in transaction banking. [Source: Bankingtech]

03 Oct 2014 09:37

Lessons Learned From Moneyball

Banktech reports: Lessons Learned From Moneyball Throwing money at the problem isn’t always the answer. Source: Lessons Learned From Moneyball. [Source: Banktech]

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Jouk Pleiter is CEO and co-founder of Backbase, a software company that delivers Bank 2.0 portal solutions to financial services institutions around the globe. Backbase has offices in New York City and Amsterdam and its software is used by leading institutions such as: ABN AMRO, AIG, Barclays, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, ING and UBS. Before Backbase, Mr. Pleiter was president and co-founder of Tridion, one of the world’s leading WCM software vendors, later acquired by SDL and renamed SDL Tridion. Before Tridion, Mr. Pleiter co-founded Twinspark Consultancy, one of the first interactive web agencies in the Netherlands. Mr. Pleiter holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Groningen.
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Banks Must Go Flat Out for Real Success

To stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace, banks must topple their silos and meet their customers on every level, at every touchpoint, on the terms their customers choose. Banks today are struggling to come to terms with the magnitude of the changes they are facing. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the only way  Continue Reading »

Written by  04 Apr 2013 03:12

Digital Marketing Tomorrow: More touchpoints, more relevance & more opportunities

Customers are expecting more and more from their online banking experiences. Financial marketers will have to find new innovative ways to meet customer expectations at every point of contact. With mobile digital devices only becoming more popular with younger generations (future banking customers), one challenge lies creating a seamless experience across multiple devices. Banks must  Continue Reading »

Written by  04 Jul 2012 04:01

Trust: Gone in an Instant, Won Back by Degrees

Trust is tricky. As we all know, losing it is easy, while getting it back – well – sometimes it’s impossible.  The last two years as it tries to regain trust, the financial industry has come face to face with this sentiment.  Globally, 44% of customers say their confidence in the banking industry decreased in  Continue Reading »

Written by  12 Jun 2012 09:49

The Simple Truth about User Experience in Banking

Simplicity. It’s hard to get away from this one word when I enter into any discussion of User Experience (UX) in banking. There’s a reason why the most successful internet companies have fairly utilitarian designs. The foundation of multi-billion dollar company Google is a simple search box, while the iPhone has just one button. The  Continue Reading »

Written by  27 Mar 2012 07:35

Leverage Legacy – Don’t Put Lipstick on a Pig

In a recent Banking Technology article, the president of Oracle, Mark Hurd, relayed an anecdote about a large banking customer that required 9,000 applications to keep its business running. I imagine uncomfortable chuckles of recognition followed among the bankers and the software companies in the crowd. The truth is, financials do have extensive legacy systems  Continue Reading »