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18 Sep 2014 10:13

MasterCard envisions biometric future

Finextra reports: MasterCard is claiming a 98% success rate for pilot trials of a biometric verification system combining both voice and facial recognition. Source: Finextra [Source: ]

18 Sep 2014 10:11

Gartner says smartwatch and wristband market poised for take off

Finextra reports: As smartphone vendors and component suppliers continue to expand into the wearables market, Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2016 smartwatches will comprise about 40 percent of consumer wristworn devices. Source: Finextra [Source: ]

18 Sep 2014 10:05

Merrick Bank Starts E-Gifting with Yiftee Partnership

Bank Innovation reports: Utah-based Merrick Bank is entering the digital gift space with a partnership with the startup Yiftee, which powers online and mobile gifting. Source: Bank Innovation [Source: ]

17 Sep 2014 10:02

Happy Bankers, Mobile Bankers

The Financial Brand Reports: Happy Bankers, Mobile Bankers Want to increase your financial institution’s satisfaction scores? Just get more consumers using your mobile banking platform. Four out of five consumers who use mobile banking apps say they are satisfied with their bank. Source: The Financial Brand [Source: ]

17 Sep 2014 09:57

FinovateFall 2014 — Less than 50 tickets left! Don’t miss out!

Netbanker reports: FinovateFall 2014 — Less than 50 tickets left! Don’t miss out! FinovateFall 2014 is next week and it’s official that the event will be the largest Finovate to date! Over 1,300 tickets have already been sold and we have less than 50 remaining! If you’re interested in attending to see… Source: FinovateFall 2014  Continue Reading » [Source: Netbanker]

16 Sep 2014 09:41

ING adds voice controls to mobile app

Finextra reports: ING adds voice controls to mobile app Holland’s ING has become the first bank in Europe to add a voice control mode to its mobile app, enabling customers to issue commands by speaking. Source: ING adds voice controls to mobile app. [Source: Finextra]

15 Sep 2014 10:09

To Patent or Not to Patent

Banktech reports: To Patent or Not to Patent As more and more IT organizations look to drive innovation, they inevitably need to consider whether they should patent those innovations. Source: To Patent or Not to Patent. [Source: Banktech]

11 Sep 2014 09:53

A Run Through The Chinese Pavilion At TechCrunch Disrupt SF

TechCrunch reports: A Run Through The Chinese Pavilion At TechCrunch Disrupt SF At the Chinese pavilion we ran through those on show: Ogora helps developers add VOIP voice calls to their apps with one line of code. Sensoro is an iBeacon startup which senses the surrounding environment. An image recognition startup that can also recognise objects exhibited,  Continue Reading » [Source: TechCrunch]

11 Sep 2014 09:52

Not to be outdone by rival Stripe, Braintree announces Apple Pay support

VentureBeat reports: Not to be outdone by rival Stripe, Braintree announces Apple Pay support Yesterday was a huge — huge! — day for Apple, as it unveiled new and bigger phones, its first smartwatch, and a new wireless, NFC-based payments system: Apple Pay. Apple announced a long list of financial, retail, and tech companies that  Continue Reading » [Source: VentureBeat]

11 Sep 2014 09:51

Visa begins tokenisation roll out

Finextra reports: Visa begins tokenisation roll out Visa has taken advantage of the hoopla surrounding Apple’s application of digital account tokens to replace card numbers for online and mobile … Source: Visa begins tokenisation roll out. [Source: Finextra]

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Written by  26 Mar 2013 12:00

Bank hacking: power to the financial services makers

With the Maker Faire movement growing over the last few years, Hardware hacking has finally been making the headlines. It is one of the root causes of the recent startup hardware trends that are also fueled by platforms such as Kickstarter. What is interesting to me is that independent, smart and techno savvy people put  Continue Reading »

Written by  31 Jul 2012 02:32

Underbanked? Not without financial services!

Who are the underbanked in the US? If we refer to Javelin Strategy latest study: “Comprising an estimated 35 million US adults (or 15% of the US population), underbanked are typically young, ethnically diverse, and more likely to use the “computer in their pocket” (i.e. their mobile phones) to conduct their banking.” But does that  Continue Reading »

Written by  20 Jun 2012 09:45

Facebook got Karma for payment & commerce

While covered in the aftermath of the Facebook IPO, I think its acquisition of Karma was slightly hidden behind NASDAQ failures, IPO pricing debate and overall blessing for CNBC’s octobox. What is Karma? Watch this video interview with Lee Linden, Karma’s Founder. On the outside it seems to be a simple and nicely designed gifting app,  Continue Reading »

Written by  04 May 2012 10:12

Accounting and Banking: design issues

I am no designer, nor a marketing specialist but as a bank customer (with different banking relationships) I can tell you I think my banking experience is pretty bad. Because I switched to a more corporate finance job, I finally realised what could be the root cause of this issue : accounting. Accounting to be  Continue Reading »