How to become a BankNXT contributor.

Become a contributor

The BankNXT mission is to provide insight and thought leadership to people working in or around financial technology and financial services, otherwise know as fintech and finserv.

We are building relationships with a team of outstanding contributors, including bloggers, podcast producers, entrepreneurs, banking professionals and fintech startups. We publish their exclusive or reproduced work because they are experts in their respective fields, be it payments, mobile banking, insurance, security, and so on. We cover a broad spectrum of topics. In turn, BankNXT provides a platform that highlights their work, generating more referral traffic for our contributors through the website and our social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and our 4,500+ weekly newsletter. We operate on a barter agreement basis.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write for us. We are more than happy to get you started, and will provide as much help as you would like throughout the writing, editing and publishing process. Our preference is for stories that offer new angles, or strong opinions about current topics in the financial spectrum, including (but not limited to):

  • Mobile and online
  • Insurance
  • Payments
  • Investments
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Technology
  • Customer case studies for digital innovation
  • Digital ROI
  • User experience design in banking
  • Digital transformation; software development
  • Banking APIs
  • Leadership.

Are you already blogging about fintech, innovation in banking or payments? Or perhaps you just have one great article to publish? Please let us know. Contact us below and get your article (re)published on BankNXT.