3rd Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking

3rd Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking in London in 2017. Photo: Marcus Evans
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February 23, 2017 – February 24, 2017 all-day
Marcus Evans

Data Quality and Consistency in Banking square banner.Why you should attend the 3rd Annual Data Quality and Consistency in Banking conference … Data has become the most valuable commodity, an essential tool sitting at the centre of all business lines, guiding banks to make important decisions, projecting results and providing important insights. In order for banks to unlock the true commercial advantages, they will need to reflect on the quality and governance of the data in their organisations.

This Marcus Evans event will explore how banks can create effective data governance programmes and delegate the right roles and responsibilities to ensure that they are able to improve data quality and consistency, while complying with regulations and monetising from the data.

Expert speakers from leading financial institutions will present key practical case studies focused on creating effective programmes, and understanding the impact of regulations and reporting, among others. They will offer important insights on how to create strong governance structures that will support the development of the business and its employees.

This event will also provide an unrivalled opportunity for networking. The senior-level nature of the attendees will allow you to unlock the value of their collective experience through a mix of formal and informal networking, ensuring you walk away with the right connections to take your business forward.

Attending this Premier Marcus Evans Conference will enable you to:

  • Create an end-to-end data governance programme with effective controls improving the quality of data.
  • Build the optimal set-up and organisational structure to encourage the delegation of responsibility and ownership of data.
  • Hear insights on regulatory expectation to achieve data quality, and how the regulatory landscape is impacting data governance.
  • Drive the value of data throughout the bank to maintain consistent governance practices and obtain funding and resources for management.
  • Monetise your bank’s data by ensuring all governance processes meet business objectives, in turn unlocking commercial benefits.

For more information, or to book your seat, please visit this link or contact Nayia Veloudi on +357 22 849 327, or email NayiaV@marcusevanscy.com

BankNXT is delighted to be a media partner of this event, in association with Marcus Evans. BankNXT readers are entitled to a special discount by using promo code CM357- BNXT. Please note that this offer is not valid for attendees coming from vendor/solution provider companies.

Photo: Marcus Evans

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