Media partnership page header on BankNXT. Image: Unsplash

Become a media partner

We love to develop relationships with event organisers in the financial sector at BankNXT, as it’s a perfect way to offer mutual beneficial coverage for our brands. We do this as a barter agreement, so no money changes hands.

Our mission is to provide insight and thought leadership to people working in or around financial technology and financial services, and the more who know about us, the more we can encourage discussion about digital transformation. We hope to do the same for you by helping to promote your event, and we have a few ways of doing this.

BankNXT doesn’t operate an advertising model, so we can’t offer site-wide banner space. Nor do we blast our loyal newsletter subscribers with adverts! We can, however, offer the following:

If you’re interested in a media partnership to promote your event, please use the contact form below and let’s get the ball rolling. We would love to hear from you, and our needs are simple and always negotiable:

  • Our logo included in your event marketing collateral.
  • A brief company description in your marketing collateral.
  • A discount code for our readers.
  • Visibility on event signage and display materials.