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Predicting stock prices with Twitter

Predicting stock prices with Twitter. Photo: Shaun Weston
Written by Daniel McAuley

Nikhil Srivastava from Wharton FinTech talks to iSentium CEO, Gautham Sastri, about the power of Twitter data.

Nikhil Srivastava talks to Gautham Sastri, CEO of iSentium, a New-York-based fintech startup that measures sentiment in Twitter data to predict stock prices.

Nikhil and Gautham discuss iSentium’s technology and business model, as well as Gautham’s views on fintech entrepreneurship.

“Every business needs to have an opportunity, and the simple view of why iSentium exists is: there are galactic clouds of social content created every day. This is a real-time representation about the human state that’s spontaneously translated by billions of people in real-time, yet systematic quantification has been rudimentary and largely unexploited. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google don’t know what this content means. They make their money selling [advertisements] and not analytics.”

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