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Best practices on preventing PIN fraud at ATMs

Mike Lawson is joined by Ashley McAlpine from TMG to talk about avoiding PIN fraud as well as domestic ATM liability issues.

Just when the EMV retailer liability shift fire has finally started to dim, another EMV deadline looms this October, dealing with domestic ATMs. To get more perspective on what this one is all about, and provide some best practices on preventing PIN fraud at ATMs, we invited TMG’s fraud prevention manager Ashley McAlpine on to the show.

Ashley enlightens us on the domestic ATM liability shift later this year, as well as what could happen if ATMs miss the deadline this October. We also discuss the best practices for preventing PIN fraud at ATMs for FIs and consumers.

A really interesting chat on this topic, as we took a deep dive. Check it out and let us know what you think. (We apologise for the shaky connection, but all the content is there.) Enjoy!

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