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What credit unions can learn from Fidor Bank’s secrets to success

Mike Lawson talks to Florian Moser from Fidor Bank about financial literacy, Ripple, and building community.

AXFI Conference speaker and Fidor Bank head of business and product development, Dr Florian Moser, joins us on the broadcast to divulge some secrets to Fidor’s recent success.

Florian discusses its online community approach to financial literacy, its bitcoin trading platform Ripple and its open source banking platform, and how his organisation has built an active and engaged community among its users (not customers or members, but users).

This is a truly different take on banking from an FI across the pond in Germany, with many takeaways to use immediately. And don’t forget to catch Florian speaking at the upcoming AXFI Conference in more detail on this topic.

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Mike Lawson

Mike Lawson is host of an online video interview show focusing on innovators and success stories within the credit union industry. His background is in teaching, marketing and communications, and includes roles as editor and reporter.

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