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Augmented reality, Pokemon Go and bank marketing

Augmented reality, Pokemon Go and bank marketing. Image: SPF; Andrew Derr,
Written by Brett King

Brett King hosts Breaking Banks, which talks about bank accounts in the gigging economy, money transfer, augmented reality, Moven, Uber, Apple, Pokemon Go and much, much more.

It’s a full lineup on today’s Breaking Banks podcast. First, I talk to Ian Kar from Quartz about the new Venmo in-app payment system. Secondly, I have a chat with Alex Sion of Moven and Matthew Applegate of Wharton Fintech about their white paper examining the new financial services needs in the gig economy.

Freelancer Eric Nunlee also pipes in to explain the needs of freelancers. Then, we hop over to Chris Nichols with CenterState Bank and its marketing efforts using the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Finally, Markus Gnirck talks about his new endeavour in Singapore, called Tryb.

– This podcast is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes may have been made to the text to reflect BankNXT style considerations, but the podcast itself is always unchanged. Listen to more here. Image: SPF; Andrew Derr,

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Brett King

Brett King is a four times bestselling author, a renowned futurist and keynote speaker, the host of the Breaking Banks radio show/podcast and the founder/CEO of Moven. His latest book 'Breaking Banks' debuted in the top 3 on Amazon's Bestseller's list in the US, France, Canada, Germany and Australia. 'Bank 3.0', his previous book, was released in 8 languages and ranked as a finance bestseller in 19 countries.

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