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How much data will credit union members want to share in future?

Mike Lawson talks to Eric Schurr about how much data credit union members are willing to share, in this latest episode of CUbroadcast.

As big data firmly entrenches our lives today, TMG Financial Services chief strategy officer, Eric Schurr, joins us on CUbroadcast to divulge just how much data consumers – your members – will want to share in the future.

Many organisations across various industries are relying more and more on analytics to better serve their audience. Credit unions are in the same boat. But how much data are consumers willing to share? This is a question Eric answers in this compelling chat on the future. He also addressed this topic during his presentation at WorldFuture 2016.

During the interview, we also address some of the factors that could drive future scenarios, where personalisation and privacy intersect, as well as how our “data footprint” impacts our lives, four things consumers will be asking their financial institutions to do in the future with their data to show competency, and much more.

It’s a truly riveting conversation with Eric that provides a quick glimpse of what’s down the road. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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