This BankNXT roundup post is about our most popular fintech podcasts in 2016. Great guests, great anecdotes and sterling advice from the experts.

It’s the end of another busy year in financial technology, and time to reflect on some of the more memorable articles in the BankNXT archive. In this new series of roundup articles about fintech in 2016, we’ll look at all the key topics and conversation points that kept us glued to our mobile devices and computer screens since January.

It’s been a great year for podcasts, with the birth of the BankNXT Fintech Podcast at the beginning of the year giving rise to new podcasts from various fintech experts. Established favourites such as Breaking Banks and BIGcast provided interesting insight into the ever-colliding worlds of finance and technology, and BankNXT was there to share the news through your headphones. Here’s a handful of the five most popular podcasts according to listening figures. (Sadly, iTunes doesn’t provide listening statistics, so we arrived at this top five through WordPress and SoundCloud.)

Interview with Silvan Schumacher of Swanest

Fintech 2016 – what’s next?

Blockchain is essential to the fintech revolution

Interview with Mark Mullen of Atom Bank

How blockchain really works and why the internet just crashed

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