Shaun Weston interviews Oren Kaplan, co-founder of SharingAlpha, a user generated rating platform for investment funds.

I interviewed Oren Kaplan recently, who, with his brother, co-founded SharingAlpha. In the latest BankNXT Fintech Podcast, I ask him about how the startup got going, what it is, how it works, and what he thinks is the current state of the investment industry.

SharingAlpha was launched in April 2016 with the aim of targeting and encouraging professional investment people to rate funds using an online platform.

The Financial Times calls it ‘MorningStar meets TripAdvisor’, and even my mother now understands what I’m doing – finally, after 20 years working in the financial industry!” says Oren. “It’s a user generated rating platform like Morningstar, TripAdvisor or Yelp, but it’s also ranking the raters. So, unlike those other platforms, and since we’re dealing with funds, we’re able to rank the raters according to their capabilities of actually predicting the future performance of the funds.

“If you rate a hotel on TripAdvisor, it’s very difficult later on to test whether your rating was correct or not, because it’s very subjective. You thought the bed was soft, while others might think the opposite. When we’re dealing with funds, we have the actual performance of the funds later on, so we can test whether your predictions were right or wrong.”

I also talk to Oren about his background leading up to the development of SharingAlpha, and his working relationship with his brother.

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