Nic Gidaracos from Pace Invoice talks to Shaun Weston about cross-border invoicing, and how Pace benefited from the Startupbootcamp environment.

One of the things I most enjoy about my job is the interesting people you meet and talk to, especially entrepreneurs. I’m fascinated with the mentality of the typical entrepreneur, and how often my questions seem alien to them, simply because I’m digging to see what makes them tick. This is often the most difficult question of all, because your typical entrepreneur doesn’t know what makes them tick – they just get on with it.

My latest guest, Nic Gidaracos from Pace Invoice, started his career in sales, and despite being a co-founder of this fintech startup, has positioned himself firmly in charge of sales. The BankNXT Fintech Podcast plays host to his thoughts on cross-border invoicing and payments processing, and the savings small businesses can make by avoiding multi-currency bank charges.

He talks about the personality of the business, what it’s like to start a fintech company in London, and about the UK leaving the European Union. Nic shares his experiences of Startupbootcamp, and expands on growth plans for Pace Invoice over the next few years.

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Shaun Weston is Senior Editor of BankNXT and Backbase, and a creative content provider specialising in digital projects, marketing and social media. He has worked with businesses that focus on editorial strategy for online or print, consumer or B2B, and his work includes The Economist, SAS, Oracle, Future Publishing, and Backbase.

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