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Why visual marketing matters

Naomi Castillo joins John Best for the latest BIGcast podcast to talk about visual marketing and what it means for credit unions.

Naomi Castillo of FSSI discusses the importance of transactional documents to a credit union’s brand, and how innovation in that space can drive engagement and brand recognition.

We also talk about FSSI statement innovations, and how innovation provides credit unions with the ability to be flexible, dynamic and scalable with their member communications. Plus, big data, artificial intelligence and how they may relate to member statements in the future, and why mailed statements aren’t going away.

It’s a good podcast about the importance of branding and visually compelling communications, and I hope you enjoy it. You can listen to more episodes of BIGcast, and other fintech shows, on the BankNXT podcast page. Enjoy!

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– This podcast is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes may have been made to the text to reflect BankNXT style considerations, but the podcast itself is always unchanged. Read more here. Image by Titima Ongkantong,

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John Best

John Best, CEO of Best Innovation group, is recognized as a thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the credit union industry. He is the founder of the BIG Podcast.

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