Shaun Weston and Daryl Wilkinson on Daryl’s recent move from being self-employed to becoming a director at Unity Trust Bank.

In the latest BankNXT Fintech Podcast series of Quick Fix episodes, I talk to Daryl Wilkinson about his recent decision to move from being self-employed to being the director, customer propositions and strategic marketing at Unity Trust Bank.

“Setting up your own business is a full-time job, and then some,” he says. “I found that, despite being very successful and enjoying it, I was constantly feeling twinges of guilt about the time away from my family.”

Aside from the personal motivation behind Daryl’s decision, based largely on the sheer amount of hours away from his family, he was also impressed by the charismatic Margaret Willis, CEO of Unity Trust Bank.

“She is a deeply caring individual who will challenge me in ways I haven’t been challenged in a long time,” says Daryl. “The loans provided by Unity are for good causes, and the money is put to good use, and when we’re qualifying for loans, there’s a big social impact measure that goes into that consideration. I found that quite unique. The brand promise was compelling and needed to be amplified, and that’s one of the reasons I joined.”

Daryl talks about how the bank wants to do more in the digital space, but his role is much more than simply digital transformation. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please leave your comments below, or contact me on Twitter. You can listen to more episodes in this series on SoundCloud, or Acast, or subscribe to Apple Podcasts by clicking the button below.

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