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Yolande Piazza of Citi – the change agent

Sam Maule hosts the latest Fintech5 podcast, and chats to Yolande Piazza of Citi FinTech about the bank’s internal fintech programme.

Ever questioned why one of the biggest global banks would choose a 30-year bank veteran to be the CEO of their internal fintech programme? That’s exactly what Citi did when they selected Yolande Piazza to take over the Citi FinTech CEO role after Heather Cox moved on to USAA.

It’s so easy to knock this choice, but let me caution you on being quick to judge. Take a few minutes to listen to and get to know Yolande Piazza and you’ll agree with me: she’s the perfect fit.

This was one of my favourite interviews so far, mainly due to Yo’s (her friends call her Yo) transparency and honesty about attempting to be an internal disrupter at a global bank. It ain’t easy folks, but my money’s on Yo.

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Sam Maule

Sam Maule serves as head of digital/fintech at NTT Data. He is active in fintech circles and is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable voices in fintech.

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