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Bryan Clagett of Geezeo – fintech funny man

Sam Maule talks to Bryan Clagett, chief marketing officer and chief collaboration officer at Geezeo, in the latest Fintech5 podcast.

Bryan Clagett is chief marketing officer and chief collaboration officer (great title) at Geezeo, a successful US banking PFM solution company. He is a highly respected SME when it comes to fintech and marketing/communication.

More importantly, Bryan is the funniest man I know in fintech (sorry Ron Shevlin, you run a close second). Bryan’s posts across all social media channels continue to crack me up on a daily basis. He is the master of the Instagram post and proves you don’t need words to be funny.

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Sam Maule

Sam Maule serves as head of digital/fintech at NTT Data. He is active in fintech circles and is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable voices in fintech.

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