Shaun Weston interviews Travis Dulaney from Push Payments, who talks about real-time payments and how business culture drives change.

I’m talking to Travis Dulaney in the new BankNXT Fintech Podcast, who is CEO/CTO and co-founder of Push Payments, described as being the only fully compliant, scalable, secure, easy to use, intelligent and true real-time payments platform in the world.

Travis talks about his excitement at being so inherently involved in this era of payments technology, and shares his thoughts about what’s influencing changes in the market.

“It’s not about the technology – it never has been,” he says. “I got asked a question yesterday: How much is technology important? It really isn’t. It’s important to be there, and we’re extremely innovative in our approach; not for the sake of being cool in technology, but more the sake of the things that are important: security, compliance and regulatory frameworks that allow auditors to see things; transparency.

“It’s never the technology that’s important – it’s what it can do for you. It goes back to the business culture aspect: the business had to be ready for it and accept it, but now we’re in a state of redesigning what’s right. I’m part of the US Federal Reserves Faster Payments Task Force, which is part of this initiative. When the government’s behind you, to be able to support and create a new ecosystem and really, as they call it, a brand new rail – and when you look at the digitisation of all payment transactions and really everything we do today, and mix that with instant gratification and on-demand world in which we live, it’s almost like why hasn’t this happened yet?”

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