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Chloé James on improving consumers’ financial lives with technology

Sam Maule talks to Chloé James of RFi Group and Sky News Australia about entrepreneurs in fintech, as well as the state of fintech in Australia and beyond.

Chloe James from Sky News AustraliaChloé James is group media and PR director and editor of the Australian Retail Banker and Global Retail Banker for global business intelligence and digital media provider, RFi Group. She’s also a presenter on Sky News Australia.

What makes Chloé stand out, in my opinion, is the authenticity of her love of technology and its potential impact on improving consumers’ financial lives. We talk about fintech in Australia, and what’s going on in digital banking. The conversation also turns to the importance of women in banking and financial services, and the unconscious bias in the industry, as well as confidence and leadership.

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Sam Maule

Sam Maule serves as head of digital/fintech at NTT Data. He is active in fintech circles and is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable voices in fintech.

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