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Bianca Lopes on biometrics and digital identity

Sam Maule talks to Bianca Lopes about technology, biometrics, digital identity and her varied and versatile career background.

Bianca Lopes, BioConnectBianca Lopes was the vice president business development and strategic marketing of BioConnect, and is now chief identity officer. Bianca has done more in her brief time on the tech scene than most people have accomplished in a 30-year career. She’s founded multiple companies stretching across multiple industries, and has now fully grasped the impact biometrics can have on the question of digital identity.

Spend five minutes chatting with Bianca and you will feel ready to conquer any mountain. Exactly what I’d look for in a great founder.

Founded in 2009, BioConnect has become the market leader in providing biometric solutions to secure physical locations post 9/11. It now has over 500 enterprise clients. With the rapid growth of mobile biometrics following Apple’s introduction of Touch ID, the company was ideally placed to utilise its experience in this fast growth area. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has over 50 employees.

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Sam Maule serves as head of digital/fintech at NTT Data. He is active in fintech circles and is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable voices in fintech.

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