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The fintech VC’s view – Eight Roads Ventures

Michael Treskow from Eight Roads Ventures talks about growth investments in technology companies across Europe. Hosted by Will Beeson.

Michael Treskow is a partner at Eight Roads Ventures, focusing on venture and growth investments in technology companies across Europe.

Previously, Michael worked at Accel in London, where he was involved with investments in companies such as Funding Circle, GoCardless and WorldRemit. He moved to London from San Francisco, where he did cross-stage investing in technology companies at Warburg Pincus.

A special thanks to Innovate Finance for coordinating this interview.

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Will Beeson

Will Beeson is head of operations & innovation at Civilised Bank. After working across banking, investments and financial services in the US and Europe, he settled in London. He specialises in banking and fintech, and advises a number of fintech accelerators and startups.

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