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Fintech serial entrepreneurship with Charlie Delingpole

In the latest Rebank episode, Will Beeson talks to entrepreneur Charlie Delingpole, who shares his business background and how he’s tackling AML with ComplyAdvantage.

Charlie Delingpole is founder and CEO of ComplyAdvantage, a company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help prevent financial crime. Prior to founding ComplyAdvantage, Charlie co-founded and ran MarketInvoice, an alternative lending platform focused on invoice finance.

Charlie founded his first startup in 1999, and somehow managed to run it for seven years while graduating from Cambridge and then the London School of Economics.

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Will Beeson

Will Beeson is head of operations & innovation at Civilised Bank. After working across banking, investments and financial services in the US and Europe, he settled in London. He specialises in banking and fintech, and advises a number of fintech accelerators and startups.

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