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Rob Moffat from Balderton Capital on European fintech

Will Beeson chats to Rob Moffat from Balderton Capital about the European fintech scene, and some of the investments the firm has made so far.

Rob Moffat of Balderton CapitalRob Moffat is a partner at Balderton Capital, a London-based venture capital firm that has invested in fintech businesses such as GoCardless, Revolut, Crowdcube, Nutmeg, Seedcamp, ComplyAdvantage, Wonga, Zopa and more.

Prior to joining Balderton, Rob worked at Bain & Company and Google. He holds degrees from Cambridge and INSEAD.

Rob talks about his ideal, classic investment, as well as the larger European fintech scene. He also touches on the role technology could play in industries such as insurance.

“Insurers have smart actuarial teams who are modelling risk.” says Rob Moffat. “But from my high-level understanding, a lot of that is still linear regression-type analysis, and there’s not a lot of use of the neural networks, machine learning techniques you’re seeing in other tech sectors right now. If you start to really apply that to insurance, and you can get enough data to do so, I think you can do some really interesting things around underwriting.

“I don’t think that’s the foundation of a great billion-dollar business in itself, but I think it will have a real impact on the industry.”

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