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CSCU’s Bob Hackney discusses payments, plastic and retirement

Bob Hackney from CSCU talks to Mike Lawson about the changes in payments that have impacted credit unions, and about his impending retirement.

CSCU president and CEO, Bob Hackney, joins us on the show to discuss his recent retirement announcement that made big headlines throughout the industry. Bob was CSCU’s first employee 19 years ago and has seen many, many changes in the card processing and payments space, many of which have occurred in the last five or six years.

We discuss how these changes have impacted credit unions recently, along with where payments are headed, credit unions’ status in this arena, and CSCU’s Tom Davis taking over the reins in January 2018.

It’s a wonderful conversation with Bob, as expected. He, like so many others in this industry, epitomise the credit union mantra of people helping people. It’s been a pleasure interviewing him over the years and I look forward to seeing how the next chapter of his life unfolds.

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