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Discovery UX – making mobile banking services more visible

Written by Jim Bruene

Does your bank make it clear that it’s offering mobile banking services? Jim Bruene doesn’t think so, and suggests some simple UX changes.

According to the Fed, mobile banking was used by 53% of smartphone owners in 2015, just seven years after Apple opened its smartphone iOS to outside apps. In newer data fielded in June by Convergys (published by BofA), 62% are using mobile banking now.

Mobile is already a crucial touchpoint and is expected to be the favourite channel for the majority of customers within the next three or four years. And many will not open an account with an FI that doesn’t offer a minimal level of mobile capabilities, yet many banks and credit unions still don’t do enough to showcase their mobile offerings. Sometimes it’s even difficult to ascertain whether the bank even offers mobile banking by looking at their website. App Store visibility helps, but that’s not the primary method for discovery as yet.

We recently ran the five largest US consumer banks through our BUX mobile banking scorecard, looking at two (of our 137) mobile banking best-practice guidelines:

  1. Is there prominent and permanent place on your website to feature your mobile banking services and benefits?
  2. Are there links directly to mobile banking app iTunes and Google Play app stores?

Results: We looked at how the five largest US banks fared on these two points. Bank of America was the best, scoring four stars on our five-star scale. Wells Fargo and US Bank also passed the test with three stars, but Citibank and Chase earned just a single star, which is a failure to communicate mobile capabilities.

Bank of America mobile banking

Bottom line: Reinforce your mobile capabilities directly on the homepage, funnelling them to a web page where they can read more about capabilities and benefits, with links directly to the various app stores.

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– This article is reproduced with kind permission. Some minor changes have been made to reflect BankNXT style considerations. Read more here. Photo by Ponsulak,

About the author

Jim Bruene

After developing the first major PFM-based online banking program at US Bancorp in the early 1990s, Jim Bruene went on to found two companies in the space: Online Banking Report and the Finovate conference series. He has been writing and geeking out on digital financial services nearly every day for more than 20 years and is currently Principal of BUX Advisors, a fintech UX/UI consultancy, as well as continuing to help guide content at Finovate events.

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  • If I have a smart phone, I will rather check for my bank’s mobile app on the play store than on its website. It is a different aspect to popularise it from website and other means.

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